Pindify offer the symbiosis for Providers of the Arts & media to coexist with supporters and free browsers just as they would in any commercial center. 

It's free to join Pindify and post social or promoted content, but as a paying Member, you can earn on the Subscriptions of your fans and also on your professional body of work ('content').

The recognition by providers that they can achieve a great revenue growth by inviting their fans to become subscribers will increase the overall marketplace of Pindify.

Once clients of Pindify are starting to earn a better revenue from subscription than on any other streaming service, Pindify will reach out to the correlating industry media and really start promoting Pindify’s proof of concept



Sales and providers on Pindify are financially incentivized for every subscriber they invite from their already established networks. Service Partners can add their services to the platform to further elevate providers and supporters experiences.

Paying supporters (subscribers) get an exclusive membership with access to providers offers, special material, unique relations, rare stories and content in all formats. Free supporters get access to all promoted content and social relations. Pindify’s effective on-boarding system amplifies the market via email, content sharing, portfolio- and invite-links.



Pindify is the perfect balance between social media interaction and streaming library services transactions.

But as a marketplace, buoyed by the loyalty of passionate users, Pindify will command substantial strategic advantage for providers to manage, engage and earn on their content, stories and fan relations. Pindify’s blockchain technology merged with existing APIs providing possibilities for the registration, distribution of intellectual property and swift transactions



Subscription is directly distributed to providers from invites, following and consumption, who can earn up to 80% (25% guaranteed) per subscriber.

Trading is Pindify’s own e-commerce of providers products; tickets and merchandise, and service: downloads and pay per view for live streams offered directly with micro payments by our own currency Pindex.

Funding providers on Pindify is a perfect fit for supporters to hire, do bookings, donate or invest in providers and crowd-funded projects or events.

Branding Work together with providers whose fans match the company’s market segment, to brand or directly sell product or service.