We're currently negotiating with several independent labels within the art, text, film and music worlds. This role is overflowing with industry responsibility, so we need someone who knows their way around it, and has done something like this before.  


  • Skills in negotiating, contracts and communication

  • Sales and marketing skills and can hustle

  • Have a computer, a smart phone and is always connected



We are currently setting up  hubs in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Umeå, Copenhagen, Bergen, Amsterdam, Paris, Barcelona, Dublin, London, Kingston, New York, Chicago, Austin, Nashville, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland  and Seattle. If you are from these parts and are deeply rooted in the creative community and don't absolutely hate people, contact us.



  • Age over 21 and speak fluent English

  • Have a computer, a smart phone and are connected

  • Drinks Coffee or Tea and has a strong mind



Interested in being an Intern at Pindify?

At Pindify, our communication team has over 50 years of collective experience working with digital media, marketing, development, optimization, social networking and interaction strategies. We have a lot to teach. We want someone to help us communicate our message to qualified potential Pindify team members from around the globe. We need to find them. Want to help?


  • Age 18 and are currently studying marketing, communications or media.

  • Have a computer, a smart phone, and are basically always connected.

  • Loves culture and admires artists, art, books, film and music



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