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Why ?

To survive the rapid transition to a direct-to-consumer future, freelancers and companies (providers) across the arts, entertainment & media sector need an effective fan-centric strategy — or risk decline and irrelevance. “PWC-2016”
This sector needs a marketplace where:
1. Providers need to collaborate together and increase the quality of fan-relations with exclusive access and stories.
2: Brands need a more compelling marketing impact by connecting to real and motivated consumers through providers (i.e micro influencers).
3: Payments from sponsored or premium publications needs to be directly distributed to providers with a shared revenue system.

Because today streaming services only offers in-house promotion, uneven payment distribution, and no direct interactivity with fans or collaborations with other providers.
Social media offers no clear revenue model and distributes content randomly making it hard for fans to follow providers and organize their content.

That is why we created the digital marketplace Pindify. To accelerate collaboration between freelancers and companies, and boost commerce towards their fan-collective.

Pindify’s vision to help providers to trust their purpose and the mission is to help them be heard & get paid.


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How Pindify works?

Register as a regular provider
As a free provider providers get one personal & page portfolio and link content, but to “set up shop” and earn revenue they need to upgrade their membership to a regular provider, or enterprise to have more portfolios and being able to sponsor other providers.

Set up your portfolios
Everyone gets their own “profile portfolio” as the acting head account, but by creating or joining “page portfolios” they can collaborate and share revenues with other members.

Share revenues
Thanks to Pindify’s smart contract distribution, all types of providers can now share ownership, rights and revenue from page portfolios and premium content.

Manage content
Provide can create, import or upload all categories of media to tell their story, but also connect e-commerce, events and social posts to grow their revenue and engagement.

The portfolio feed is the “window dressing” for fans to be invited to, and can always be reached. The market feed is for new fans or business to discover providers. 100% of providers publications reaches their followers on their home feed. The library feed is to organize content for fans.


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to Pindify?


Before providers can grow on the market ranking and get new fans, they will initially need to invite and entertain existing fans. Each invited fan is guarantees $2.40 at anytime they upgrade their account to a subscriber.
Grow ranking
In order for providers to get on the local, national and the global market feed, they need to increase the engagement level on their content and portfolios. Inflated views with no engagement lowers their ranking.
Once providers invited your fans, it’s important to engage to incentive s them to become subscribers or consumers of your branding, e-commerce or financial services.


From the $11/month, each subscriber gives 25% to the portfolio that invited them. Followers divides 15% to the premium portfolio they follow. Depending on
the time subscribers spend consuming premium content 40% is distributed directly to the content owners.
Sponsorship (branding)
Given that providers offer access, brands will filter out portfolios and content by ranking, and content performance. Once the providers’ fan segment matches the brand’s market segment, the brand will provide a proposal. Providers set their own price and accept automatically or manually.

—Future revenue models—

Branding Affiliate Sales (Sep-19) will allow you to sell directly for brands
E-commerce: Sell exclusively (Nov-19). Events & Tickets (Dec-19). Pay n Play (Sep-19)
Financial services: Booking & Employment (Sep-19). Donation & Crowdfunding (Aug-19). Licensing & Investments (Nov-19)