We are building the world’s largest community where providers, partners, and supporters can collaborate. With this strong mission to digitize arts and media, Pindify provides all creators, influencers, and businesses the tools to manage their brands, and engage with their fans and followers.

This will establish a marketplace with better music, better stories, better relations and better media. We are moving the entertainment business into a free, responsible and transparent online market system.


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Partner & Relations
Incubators, Aggregators, Media companies, Publishers, Labels, Charities, TV/Radio, Schools, and extraordinary providers, are connected and introduced by our Partner & Relations team consisting of

Johan Lindgren (Sony Music, UMG), Magnus Ribbenclint (WMG, Sony Music), JB Dumont (Legal Representative The Killers), Larry Dvoskin (Music Professor and Acclaim Songwriter for David Bowie, Beach Boys to MGMT) Jeanine Roberts (Sweden Rock) and Vilma Misiukoniene ( EU copyright legislation ). Together they set the strategies to move forward to established lucrative partnerships and relations.


Supporting sales, partners & relations, empower the brand, social virality, search engine optimization and our public relations is a larger collaboration with Chimney and our Marketing Guru Mikael Friberg.