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"passion is what fuels the proactive movement."


..we systematically overestimate the change that will occur in two years, while underestimating the change that will come in the next ten years..”– Bill Gates

No sector has been more disrupted than the entertainment and media industry in the past few decades.

The latest challenge for creators is to avoid clickbait content, especially through advertising. To survive the rapid transition to a direct-to-consumer future, companies across the entertainment and media sector need an effective fan-centric strategy, or risk decline and irrelevance.

Pindify is the online marketplace for providers of arts and media to earn a decent living from their content, stories, and fan relations.

Pindify is building a transparent system for creatives, influencers and partners of entertainment, by managing and amplifying their brand. This allows them to make a living from their passion through subscriptions, sponsorship, affiliate matching, trading and funding. 


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