Pindify’s marketplace is built to amplify exposure and income for Providers, while at the same time provide discovery and engagement for supporters.

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Market feed
Pindify built a sequence algorithm that displays categorized content evenly and according to portfolio ranking. The content is displayed on supporters local, national or global marketfeed depending on ranking, supporter references and publish settings. The algorithm also takes into account the type earnable/promoted/free, category type and trending.

of all categories, audio, video, image, text and more are matched with supporters preferences and distributed with a randomized algorithms. Additional content such as tickets, events, merchandize, crowdfunding, livestreams, classifieds and more are content that can be imported, created and displayed together with all other types of media, to make the market more engaging.

Home feed
allows supporters to get direct updates from the portfolios they follow, see what their friends like or repost. Suggestion of related portfolios are also updated on the supporter’s home feed.

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gathers the top charts, trending content, news from high ranking portfolios and suggested scenes of providers or communities of supporters.

allows supporters to get direct updates from the portfolios they follow, see what their friends like or repost. Suggestion of related portfolios are also updated on the supporter’s home feed.

allows supporters to get direct updates from the portfolios they follow, see what their friends like or repost. Suggestion of related portfolios are also updated on the supporter’s home feed.

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allows supporters to get direct updates from the portfolios they follow, see what their friends like or repost. Suggestion of related portfolios are also updated on the supporter’s home feed.

allows supporters to get direct updates from the portfolios they follow, see what their friends like or repost. Suggestion of related portfolios are also updated on the supporter’s home feed.



Social Engagement

Social interactions are one of the key elements to Pindify’s service. Pindify’s social features allows providers to collaborate with other providers and engage with their supporters. Pindify furthermore provides supporters with the ability to empower their favorite Providers and become a part of the symbiotic worlds of the arts & media.


All content can be pinned to portfolios, reposted, loved, and added to libraries. It can be added to playlists, albums, galleries, toplists and shared to other social media platforms for exponential exposure


Fan Relations
are conducted by the exclusivity method of the portfolio to only publish to their followers. Apart from exclusive content they can enter followers or invites into a roster for a meet and greet, or have special livestream events, or providing VIP tickets and special merch. Messaging is also possible once they unite, so providers can set up rules when and how supporters can direct message with the members of the portfolio.


are vital to give life and truth to the content that is being provided to consumers. Critics can write stories about music, imagery can make recipes come alive, and animation can rejuvenate a book. By offering a marketplace for all providers of all formats, we can set the premise for collaboration to create stories. By adding comments and post by supporters and providers social stories, we can really amplify content into the next level.


Invites are managed and sent out from each portfolio. It can be direct portfolio- or content-links, invitation links, shared to other social media or emails. Providers’ links or emails will invite their fans or other members to their “onboarding page” where they can view the portfolios profile image and read a personal message as well as get the incentives to become a member of Pindify.

Providers’ can invite fans by sharing content or their portfolios on social media. Once their fans click on register after viewing the content, Pindify’s system knows who invited the user.
If anyone enters the landing page via search or in other ways, the new members can search and select the person who invited them, if any.


can easily be established by classifieds, connecting with other providers, shared ownership of portfolios, and shared ownership of content, messaging, social post, reposting content, scenes, charts and community forums.


Portfolios are like interactive stores. Pindify allows providers to join together or separately to organize, publish and earn portfolio- revenue and content-revenue. Verified profile portfolios collect revenue and sync the collection from shared ownership of the content and other page portfolios.

Profile Portfolio
Profile portfolio is the personal profile. The freelancer or company that will be the responsible publisher or the supporter who pays and collects content. It’s the profile that chooses the membership and gathers the received revenue and requests the payouts.

Page Portfolios
Portfolios may have different fans, for instance providers may have solo career as podcaster as well as being apart of a band or magazine. By connecting with other members and co-owners providers can easily set up a portfolio to publish their content and earn together.

Portfolio Feed (Storyboard)
Think of Pindify’s portfolio as a complimentary storefront for your arts & media. It’s easier to edit than any website, more lucrative than any social media page, and more social or promotional than any streaming service.

Portfolio revenue
Providers can manage the ownership of the portfolios revenue, with direct subscriptions from invites and followers. The portfolio can earn a guaranteed monthly sum from every invited subscriber. Each invite will automatically become the portfolio’s follower and with the potential to get new followers from the market. Followers pay a monthly sum divided by the number of portfolios they follow.

Content Revenue
Verified providers can join together or separately earn from both Imported or uploaded images, audios, videos and texts set to ”earn” becomes professional content that receives revenue by how the percentage of time a subscriber spends reading, viewing or listening per month.

To secure quality on the market, Pindify built an algorithm that democratically ranks portfolios ”Kred”. Depending on the portfolios likability and the quality of its published content.



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The flight-tower for providers and partners to have full control over all portfolio’s and content’s views, likes, comments, shares, invites, subscribing followers and payments. All in realtime.

Verify profile account’s data by connecting email and phone number to receive access to upload and publish professional content. Verify the portfolios username by connecting other social media platforms. Each verification will increase your rank and give you access to publish professional content.

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Keeps track of all the updates about content, ownership- or revshare requests, admin and editing access and messages directly with associates or followers depending on settings.

New users select from free, providing, supporting or premium (both provider and supporter) membership. All members gets one unique profile-portfolio to edit, post and collect content, but to publish and earn revenue the users need to select a providing or premium-membership.

Free memberships gives you access to post or access free content, but to get portfolio access or all access the user need to select a provider or premium membership.

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Payment system
Subscription by card payment is operated by Stripe who’s fully PCI-compliant by the Data Security Standards. Soon our subscribers can pay Pindex our crypto currency. The subscribers payments enters Pindify’s “Jem system” to organize currency and secure all microtransactions of subscription and ownership distributions.

The Jem System securely mirrors the real amounts on Stripe and only allow members to pay out a certain minimum and a maximum in euros, dollars or pindex. In order to be able to receive a payout each profile needs to verify VAT/EIN number, SSN#/Passport number and will be be paid out to bank account, crypto-wallet, or stripe.

The power of attorney along with the decentralized distribution of digital content articulate a new paradigm shift in the era of digital culture.

Rights & ownership
Our blockchains allows an incorruptible and inalterable timestamp that allows to certify the ownership and licenses of use or distribution of any work or digital creation.

In the blockchain world, proof of identity is a must to ensure providers true intentions. Pindify verifies identity for multi-factor authentication.

Smart Contracts 
dynamically share the ownership with others to fuel a multiplier effect on overall potential earnings.

Pindify’s tailored solution uses blockchain payments on behalf of providers and their subscribers, who receives Pindex to that can be exchanged in local currency on their wallets. This means business as usual with safety, speed, and cost of the blockchain.”

Pindify’s token is based on Ethereum. Pindex is the name of the token, and it goes by PDI symbol. Providers, subscribers, business and other members will use the digital assets of PDI on the Pindify marketplace.

Pindex Valuation
Pindify’s marketplace provides a solid economic foundation for a strong financial stability. The Pindex price is normally expressed in relation to how well our marketplace is doing, other tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, powerful media influence, and a wider network demand.

Pindify aims to see an exponential growth of the Pindex demand curve with the help of Pindex holders who now will be able to use tokens for subscription, trading, funding and branding.


The platform is a full-stack environment (web, responsive and app) built with ruby on rails and react Js consists of systems such as payment processing, subscription-distribution, content-, portfolio- and sales-handling. Admin-system that handles content, users, global verification, flag and error reports. Media player with radio- cue- functionality. A CMS system to import, link, upload data. A CRM system that analyses users behavior and wants. APIs connecting e.i. Vimeo, Facebook and Soundcloud etc.

Full stack environment
Pindify’s webportal is the “center” of publishing and consumption. In contrast to instagram and snapchat, Pindify’s members are more likely to master their content prior to publish, which still today is mainly done on a desktop. Pindify’s hybrid page “bridge” mobile/ tablet’s web browser with the native apps. This way consumers can access content, portfolios and the market on all devices while easily registering and downloading the native apps.

Native apps are primarily the “receiver” of published content for subscribers to consume. However social post and content publishing will soon be integrated.

Admin system
To secure content Pindify offers a report system and an admin system that lets members flag content or publishers for any wrongdoing. The flag system allows administration to freeze content or portfolios that are reported with a valid claim. The content or the portfolio can be unfrozen if the counter claim is valid. Pindify also preserves the right to wait for a court decision in some cases, until unfrozen.

Pindifys protocol for secure communication over a computer network “HTTPS” consists of communication over Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) within a connection encrypted by Secure Sockets Layer. HTTPS provides authentication of the website and associated web server with which one is communicating, which protects against man-in-the-middle attacks.