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Why create stories?

No matter if you love to manage, produce, write, present, perform, create, entertain or communicate, never stray from life's purpose.

Pursue your purpose by providing stories and feel a duty to earn revenue to create more stories. After all without purpose there is no innovation, creativity, or incentive for improvement our existence.

That is why we created the digital marketplace Pindify. Our purpose is to help you and your stories be heard & get paid.

Because today streaming services only offers in-house promotion, uneven payment distribution, and no direct interactivity with your fans.


Social media, on the other hand offers no clear revenue model and distributes content randomly making it hard for your fans to organize content.

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How to get started?

Register as a regular provider
As a free provider you get one personal & page portfolio and link content, but to “set up shop” and earn revenue you need to upgrade your membership to a regular provider.

Set up your portfolios
Everyone gets their own “profile portfolio” as the acting head account, but by creating or joining “page portfolios” you can collaborate and share revenues with other members.

Share revenues
Thanks to Pindify’s smart contract distribution, all types of providers can now share ownership, rights and revenue from page portfolios and premium content.

Manage content
Create or upload all categories of media to tell your story, but also connect e-commerce, events and social posts to grow your revenue and brand.

The portfolio feed is for fans to be invited to, and can always be reached. The market feed is for new fans or business to discover you. 100% of your publications reaches your followers on their home feed. The library feed is to organize content for fans.

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to Pindify?

Before you can grow on the market and get new fans, you will initially have to think of your portfolios as your own store where you entertain invited existing fans.

Grow ranking
In order for you to get on the local, national and the global market feed, it’s important that you have a high engagement level with your existing fans. For instance; 1000 views and one like will lower your ranking where as 100 views and 50 likes will increase ranking

Once you’ve invited your fans, it’s important to engage to incentive s them to become subscribers or consumers of your branding, e-commerce or financial services.

From the $11/month, each subscriber gives 25% to the portfolio that invited them. Followers divides 15% to the premium portfolios they follow. Depending on the time subscribers spend consuming premium content 40% is distributed directly to the content owners.

Given that you give brands access, they will filter out your portfolio and content by ranking, and content performance Once your fan segment matches the brands market segment, the brand will provide a proposal to you. You can set your price and accept automatically or manually. Affiliate Sales (Sep-19) will allow you to sell directly for brands

Future revenue models are:
E-commerce: Sell exclusively (Nov-19). Events & Tickets (Dec-19). Pay n Play (Sep-19)
Financial services: Booking & Employment (Sep-19). Donation & Crowdfunding (Aug-19). Licensing & Investments (Nov-19)

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What can

you earn?

Pindify’s marketplace is built to amplify your stories, collaborate with other providers, engage with your fans and earn on subscription or branding, and soon to come e-commerce and financial services.

Let us present you with a few revenue examples:'

Personal Portfolio

Let’s say you’re a freelancing writer. You signed up on Pindify as a basic provider paying $5/month. With 7000 followers on twitter you start with your “personal” profile portfolio and after publishing 10 articles you start inviting by sharing your articles on twitter. 350 fans (5%) signs up, (1%) of them becomes subscribers.

Podcast “Pod rising”
You also started a podcast called “Pod rising” together with your friend Jane, where you discuss mysteries in realtime. Pod rising is shared 50/50 with Jane, and has 43000 monthly listeners on Podcaster, but you’re now inviting them to become subscribers on Pindify by offering your listeners the chance to change the outcome by commenting. 4300 (10%) becomes subscribers.

Magazine “Short Travel”

Lastly you also write for a magazine “Short Travel” that has about 1,000,000 readers where 25,000 are following the magazine. They have set up their branding service on Pindify and requires you to write 4 articles a month where you get paid 30% from the content revenue received from branding. The connected brand “Redbull” pays 500 dollars per post and $2 CPM (cost per mille).