Vision & ORigin




No sector has been more disrupted than the entertainment and media industry in the past few decades. The latest challenge for creators is to avoid clickbait content, especially through advertising. To survive the rapid transition to a direct-to-consumer future, companies across the entertainment and media sector need an effective fan-centric strategy, or risk decline and irrelevance.

Pindify is the online marketplace for providers of arts and media to earn a decent living from their content, stories, and fan relations.

Pindify is building a transparent blockchain system for creatives and influencers to work in the entertainment business, by managing and amplifying their brand. This allows them to make a living from their passion through subscriptions, branding, and selling merchandise.




We are building the world’s largest community where providers, partners, and supporters can collaborate. With this strong mission to digitize arts and media, Pindify provides all creators, influencers, and businesses the tools to manage their brands, and engage with their fans and followers.

This will establish a marketplace with better music, better stories, better relations and better media. We are moving the entertainment business into a free, responsible and transparent online market system.


The Origin


My passion has always been creating and performing music

I was mesmerized in the ’80s by Electric Light Orchestra’s Out of the Blue album. I taught myself to play Aha’s “Take on Me” on a little Casio piano that I got from my grandfather. Early on, I started dreaming of making an album of my own. A few years later, after Iron Maiden and other expensive acts appeared on MTV, I was convinced that making an album was close to impossible. The release of “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana changed my life. The simplicity of a neurotic drummer, a rebel bass player and singing guitarist empowered me to believe in making my album again;


The ’90s saw the rise of the indie music movement, where mega productions weren’t as necessary as the band’s message and their connection to their fans. Writers, critics, photographers, indie labels, action sports, festivals, and collaborations among all genres and scenes formed the stories that acquired an enormous global audience.


The ’00s were hard years for everyone in the creative community. The movements had become splintered, and the was bleeding profits due to illegal downloads. Meanwhile I finished my army service, got a Bachelor in Science Economics and Business. Since living as a creative artist with slim chances of making the industry, limited my options to working a normal job, I became a developer of online platforms for 60 bluechip companies around the world.


IIt was not until the ’10s that the music industry started to see some players making profits, thanks to streaming services. At the same time, I was formulating ideas on how to digitize the massive ’90s arts movement. After giving my passion one last chance by standing in line with other passionate artists at Swedish Idol, it became clear: we the providers needed a marketplace to unite, promote, and directly earn on our content, stories, and fan relations.


The blueprint was initiated in the winter of 2010, and Pindify began in the spring of 2013.