What is pindify? 


Pindify is the first platform where artists can make a living from their passion and fans really get to interact with their favorite artists. Someone called Pindify the ”super fan club”. We don’t disagree.

Pindify is the first marketplace where artists, or creative providers as we call them, put out their best content for people to subscribe to. And the great thing is that the creative provider gets to keep most of the earnings. This means even smaller acts can get a break! The content can be anything — we’re talking music, film, pictures, words, GIFs, blogs, poems – you name it!

At Pindify we are committed to empowering the creative community and help you make a living from what you love most. We’re here to provide the platform and the tools for you to work with. All you have to do is bring your talent. And best of all – you get to keep most of the earnings from your content. Check out our film and learn more!

On Pindify you make a living by having people subscribe to your content. How? You invite all of your followers on every social media platform you’re on to subscribe to your stuff on Pindify.

For $11/month they actually get access to everything on Pindify! Start by reaching out to your truest fans, treat them to some really good material, or even better, interact with them. And off you go!

Pindify supports the arts and media world and everything that comes with it. No matter how you want to express yourself, we’ll help you. The media we support are a post, audio, image, video, and text. Coming soon are live streaming, merchandise, and trade funding, just to name a few.

Everything regarding copyright and ownership is of great importance to us at Pindify. By using blockchain technology we’ve made it both secure and really easy for you!

If you want to share profits with others, we’ve even automized that service!

Pindify Insights is a tool which allows you to follow your earnings, see who's been consuming your content, where they do it, for how long and maybe the best part it’s in real time. This is the kind of tool where a blogger or band in England realize they have a strong fanbase in Japan!

At Pindify you can choose from a couple of different levels of payments per month. From the free version where you can link your stuff from other platforms to the premium package where you can handle all of your content, marketing, and ownership. Hint: the latter can be the investment of a lifetime!

Of course, Pindify operates on all platforms, from the web to Android and iOS.

What’s your choice?