Why Pindify?



We are building the world’s largest community where providers, partners, and supporters can collaborate. With this strong mission to digitize arts and media, Pindify provides all creators, influencers, and businesses the tools to manage their brands, and engage with their fans and followers.

This will establish a marketplace with better music, better stories, better relations and better media. We are moving the entertainment business into a free, responsible and transparent online market system.



The Origin

My passion has always been creating and performing music.

I was mesmerized in the ’80s by Electric Light Orchestra’s Out of the Blue album. I taught myself to play Aha’s “Take on Me” on a little Casio piano that I got from my grandfather. Early on, I started dreaming of making an album of my own.

A few years later, after Iron Maiden and other expensive acts appeared on MTV, I was convinced that making an album was close to impossible.

The release of “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana changed my life. The simplicity of a neurotic drummer, a rebel bass player and singing guitarist empowered me to believe in making my album again;



The ’90s saw the rise of the indie music movement, where mega productions weren’t as necessary as the band’s message and
their connection to their fans. Writers, critics, photographers, indie labels, action sports, festivals, and collaborations among all genres and scenes formed the stories that acquired an enormous global audience.

The ’00s were hard years for everyone in the creative community. The movements had become splintered, and the was bleeding profits due to illegal downloads. Meanwhile I finished my army service, got a Bachelor in Science Economics and Business. Since living as a creative artist with slim chances of making the industry, limited my options to working a normal job, I became a developer of online platforms for 60 bluechip companies around the world.

IIt was not until the ’10s that the music industry started to see some players making profits, thanks to streaming services.
At the same time, I was formulating ideas on how to digitize the massive ’90s arts movement. After giving my passion one last chance by standing in line with other passionate artists
at Swedish Idol, it became clear: we the providers needed a marketplace to unite, promote, and directly earn on our content, stories, and fan relations.

The blueprint was initiated in the winter of 2010, and Pindify began in the spring of 2013.


Challenges for Creatives and Influencers (Providers)

Challenges for Creatives and Influencers (Providers)
Aside from promotional or free entertainment on social media, providers need to find new ways to make a living. This can come from writing articles, making music, producing films, designing art, recording podcasts, and so on. Providers all struggle
(and often fail) to earn revenue from their followers, and fan engagement with their content.

Are streaming services not enough?
Providers have real issues with leading streaming services:

  1. Keeping promotional influence firmly in-house.

  2. Distributing subscribers’ payments unevenly between providers.

  3. Not offering direct interactivity or VIP relationships.

But what about social media?
Social media makes it extremely difficult to promote directly
to artists’ loyal fanbases. It distributes content randomly and encourages promotional payments over payments based on subject matter and quality. Furthermore, it’s hard to organize content for providers in one portfolio and it offers no subscription revenue from new or existing fans.

Pindify Provider Solution

This new diversified trend demands a broad, transparent, and organized market with a fair payment system. That’s why Pindify tailored a platform with a clear market system of publication, distribution and monetization of your social, promotional and professional digital content.


Challenges for Fans & Consumers (Supporters)

Consumers today are actively using online streaming and social network technology, where they get fast and easy access to most audio, video, images and text that they consume and share. However, there are very few platforms that offer all categories to real supporters that empower and directly support their favorite providers, while being part of a super fan club.

Pindify supporter solution

Through Pindify’s unique framework, which includes the latest technologies, supporters are in control of who and how their subscriptions are distributed. They get access to exclusive content and special events, and they connect with providers that they love. Discover new (and old!) arts and media content on the market. Organize via library and home feeds. Pindify puts decision making back in the hands of the people directly impacted: the providers themselves, and those who support them.


Challenges for Businesses & Services (Partners)

The former industry model was designed to publish and promote top level entertainment through traditional channels. Today, those channels are disappearing. Traditional industry providers and distributors, such as radio and TV channels, magazines, publishers, and labels, are searching for new online outlets, especially now when competition is enormous and distribution is becoming more efficient.

Furthermore, it’s a high risk to labels to try to reach Billboard #1. Businesses need to recover revenues to settle on an average 80% of old failed recouped loans. This is especially true when ad blockers or the inflation of content may disturb future revenue models. Further, administration of handling payments, rights, ownership, and promotion is not cost effective. Lastly, it’s hard to align strategies in real time.

Pindify Provider Solution

As a partner, building an in-house technical platform is not a bad idea, but it’s expensive, it takes time, dedication and maintenance, which may result in severe churn.
Pindify is a complement, not a substitute, for partners. There is a “shopping center” where both small providers and huge partners have the possibility to prosper. Openness remains a guiding principle. Pindify expects to continue supporting our market ecosystem and integration with a wide variety of platforms, so when partner platforms are situated, they can still conduct business on the Pindify market.

Pindify extends audience segmentation and targets providers’ capabilities to power the promotion, distribution and consumer relations with even more precision, at scale.

Additionally, Pindify will help partners to capitalize on their providers’ relationships with their fans. An incentivized “pay-rail” between providers and their supporters enables partners to be even smarter about their providers’ content, stories and fan relations.

Pindify will empower partners to receive more relevant and valuable real-time insights to quickly align their strategies. Partners are able to find new talent by following their social, revenue, and ranking data. Once the provider is “signed,” partners can directly start working with them.


Market Analysis

According to a five-year outlook released by PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) on June 13, 2016, global entertainment and media revenues are expected to rise from $1.7 trillion in 2015 to $2.1 trillion in 2020.

Providers are now gravitating to brands, experiences, and platforms that are differentiated as much by the quality of their curation, customization, and convenience, as they are by the quality of their content.

No longer is it enough to develop content solely to attract viewers, seeking the largest audiences possible for advertising. Now, Providers must create active fans, united by shared ideas, interests, and experiences, who will return every day to Providers’ portfolios and content. Current fans recruit new fans, and, best of all, fans will spend money in the marketplace and will be even less likely to leave the environment and community. 
[1] https://www.strategyand.pwc.com/trends/2016-entertainment-media-industry-trends


The Landscape


The 10’s are already seeing disruptors taking steps to fulfill the vision of a massive, digital movement for a marketplace of arts and media:


The infrastructure

Storage and streaming are now very cost efficient. Code libraries and APIs for backend and frontend systems are growing at a rapid pace. Task management and communication systems are workable globally. Last, but most importantly, devices are now extremely powerful and can manage and provide online media.

Provider services

New recording and editing tools turn amateurs into professionals. They can now publish on social media for promotion and aggregators stream their media to get paid.

Fan engagement

Providers focus more on fan engagement by organizing events, livestreams, playlists, selling merchandise and ticketing. Vloggers and bloggers are currently competitive in theirl promotion tools with radio stations and TV channels.


The beginning of a decentralized service to provide full transparency and operability for identity, publishing rights, content ownership, revenue share and payment distribution is being built.


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The new advertising


Enormous opportunity  FOR AN EARLY MARKETSHARE



Competitive advantage


Providers are now gravitating to brands, experiences and platforms that are differentiated as much by the quality of their curation, customization, and convenience, as they are by the quality of their content. Additional advantages of Pindify are;

Growth - With personal promotion, automated filtering and a democratic ranking system, Providers can grow while presenting quality curated content.

Customization - With verified publishing, manageable ownership and direct personal subscriptions, Providers can customize their business.

Value added - With invitation systems, social features and tools to consume and organize categories, Providers can add value and convenience for all their members